Lions and Tigers

United Press International

A new hybrid tiger/lion cub was born on April 20 in Thoiry Zoo. Thoiry is 25 miles from Paris, and consists of mansion build in 1564 with gardens designed by Le Notre, period furnishings and art, and a library of historical records alongside it’s open air zoo of rare animals.

At Thoiry, Vicomte Paul de la Panouse and his wife Annabelle Leigh have already owned four “ligons”, two males and two females. Earlier this year, a couple of these hybrids were given to the Chinese government and now reside in a Beijing Zoo.

The new birth is zoologically important because the mother was the result from the crossing of two species, and it is generally presumed that such crossings always produce sterile offspring.

Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction Talks

MBFR Talks tried to tackle “the data problem” where Western estimates show that instead of the agreed upon parity between NATO countries and Warsaw Pact countries, Warsaw Pact countries had a margin of superiority of about 20% regarding troops stationed in Europe.

The Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana) · 19 Apr 1984

In the Vienna Conference, the NATO countries proposed to “narrow the counting to ground combat forces and their support units” instead of counting the service support forces which are more numerous in the Warsaw Pact countries.

Chemical Weapons

If there is no agreement to limit or eliminate chemical weapons, the U.S. may introduce production of binary weapons, according to TV Eye.

Discussion of Chemical Weapons is sure to be a topic at the Conference for Disarmament (CD) in Geneva, Switzerland.

155mm binary XM687

A 1980 New York Times front page editorial by Malcom W. Browne claims that such chemical warfare is needed to counter Soviet chemical weapon usage in Afghanistan.

Tripoli University Hangings


Date Event
September 1, 1969 Libyan coup d’état
April 7, 1976 Student’s Revolution
April 7, 1977 Students Hung in Public Square in Benghazi

According to a National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) statement Hafed al-Madani and Rasheed Kaabar were publicly executed at Tripoli University on Sunday, four years after they had been arrested in student protests.

The executions come just after the April 7th, 1976 holiday. April 7th is commemorated every year in Libya as the anniversary of when the Gaddafi regime claimed victory over university students who were protesting the government in Tripoli and Benghazi. Jailed student protesters were accused of being American agents, members of political parties, or terrorists

As part of the holiday celebrations, secondary students march and practice drills in the squares of Tripoli and Benghazi. Since 1977, the regime has also commemorated the Student’s Revolution each April  by  publicly executing students who oppose the government, sometimes after being arrested for years without trial.